Sintesi lived its first life in Spilimbergo, in that Italian Friuli region which for decades has marked the furniture industry and made Italian furniture so well-known on a global scale. Brand's new life is in Veneto, in the heart of an area where the furniture industry coexists with footwear and wine industry. It is here that SedieDesign srl, the new owner of Sintesi was founded: set up when the furniture sector was creaking, intuitions, courage, attention to change and willingness to improved managed to make space among big players.

Treviso hills dotted by the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG vineyards are right before the Dolomites. Lands of history and food, where need has made nature more accommodating, skill built churches and terraced slopes, making the Treviso pre-Alps a hospitable and surprising land. Wine, tastes and flavors that warm the soul and light up the mind.

Giosuè Carducci defined it as the "city with a hundred horizons" or its unique position, on top of a hill. A refuge for artists and intellectuals for over two centuries, it preserves the testimonies of a centenary history that unites history with stories. Like the story of Caterina Cornaro, who obtained Asolo in exchange for his reign of Cyprus.

Where Sile and Cagnan go together: this is what Dante wrote in the Devine Comedy about the town. Urbis picta, a city with frescoed porticos interspersed with the placid flow of the river Sile, Treviso has a well-kept city enter and all the magic of the medieval history.