Made in Italy

We live the world  that surrounds us, we listen to the needs of the market, we learn about new trends, we identify the gaps and we do our best to fill them. We are based in Italy, we look at our talents and we never cease to be amazed by the creative capacity of Italians.
Sintesi collections are 100% Made in Italy: ideas are influenced by the Venetian area where Sintesi has started a new path. All product design  is carried out in Italy, just as Italian are the companies from which we buy raw materials and to which we outsource some processes. All products are made in Italy by citizens of the world: men and women who have chosen Italy as their own home but who are attentive to what happens around. Sintesi looks at the world and uses the web as a channel to dialogue with all international players.

Our work is made of brainstormed ideas, words that are shares, thoughts that change, images that become objects. Design is part of our self, and the environment around us influences who we are and where we want to go. People and businesses are also inspiring for us: we are inspired by people who are capable to see things from another point of view and by those companies that have been able, through their products, to change behaviors and lifestyles.

From Italy, with passion.