Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi (1952 - 2011) started very young to work in Milan in the field of communication and design. He worked with Maddalena De Padova in her showroom, Enrico Baleri in the Baleri & Associati agency and for several communication agencies where he was in charge of communication strategies and storytelling.
In the mid-80s he founded Studio Rari and began his activity as art director for several furniture companies such as Sintesi, MDF Italia, Mussi Italy, Slamp and Terzani. Over the years he built such a close blond that he became the centre of any corporate communication.

In the early 2000s he moved from consultancy to planning. He opened with Marta Giardini ENTRATALIBERA, the Milanese showroom dedicated to design culture, networking and sales. At the same he focuses on product design: he designed bookcases and lamps for instacne: the  sum of know-how and experience concretized in physical designer items.

Bruno Rainaldi lives and works since more than 20 years in the design area. He began his career as sales agent together with Maddalena De Padova and then became partner of Enrico Baleri in “Baleri & Associates”, an agency for commercial marketing strategies and communication of contemporaneous design.

Later on he was a co-founder and creative director in the Studio Rari. Here he worked in tight cooperation with many namely companies such as Alivar, Blum, MDF, Mussi, Ciatti A Tavola, Gruppo Sintesi realizing his first studies in design projects.

He was part of the re-launch of Filmos in 1994, a museum business for design-furniture. Here he has especially been responsible for the creation of Dilmos Edizioni, a collection of design-products with strong artistic influences.

Bruno Rainaldi created an exceptional collection of furniture and objects for the CCR company in 2002, with new innovative artistic forms. The series named Moco also includes his maybe most famous product, the vertical bookshelf Ptolomeo which has been honoured with the “ADI Compasso d’Oro” in 2004.

He founded an 800 square meters show room in Milan’s core together with Marta Giardini Entralibera in 2002, exposing and selling design products and contemporaneous art.

Furthermore, Bruno Rainaldi is professor for design at the Academy Brera in Milan.

Because oft he success of his book-tower Ptolomeo, the cooperation of Bruno Rainaldi and Massimo and Flavia Ciatti got more intense in 2004. Rainaldi becomes partner of Ciatti A Tavola and new products emerge out of the collaboration. “Ptolomeo and his family” is born in September of 2006 on the Abitare il Tempo in Verona fair after deciding an enlargement there.

Bruno Rainaldi works together with many namely Italian design manufacturers such as Opinion Ciatti, Terzani, Mussi or the Gruppo Sintesi.