About us - climbSintesi is a phoenix, which today returns to the international market with best sellers which have furnished homes and offices in hundreds of locations for over 30 years.
Brand Sintesi is experiencing a new birth: it keeps its identity, taking the best from the past and craving for the future in the nome of the strong break between what Sintesi waas and what Sintesi will be.
The Sintesi brand is today even more anchored to Italian values and production techniques, but at the same time it is a brand that lives in globalization: a global world full of stimuli, requests, tastes and needs that can be just summarized as furniture accessories.

Why Us


Design and flexibility

Sintesi collections were design to meet specific needs. Multi-use products, with clean lines to adapt to the home as well as the office spaces. We solve concrete needs with a product portfolio that responds to heterogeneous lifestyles.


Speed of delivery

Thanks to an expanding physical sales network as well as partnership with e-commerces that deliver worldwide, our collections reach their final destination in a short time.


Mostly produce in Italy

Sintesi designs and produces mostly in Italy. An accurate quality control means that our entire portfolio has an impeccable quality that over the years has made the value of Made in Italy furniture shine.