The history of Sintesi started in 1981 and until the early 2000s it was a leader in the field of contemporary design. Target audience of Sintesi collections were individuals who were looking for designer items with both technical and aesthetic value. This leitmotif is confirmed by the new course of Sintesi: functionaly, beauty and quality products at the right price. In one word, smart.

Always sensitive to environmental issues and new market needs, Sintesi's production processes respect environmental policies. Aware that respect for nature and competitiveness on the market are the new challenges to be faced, company is engaged in a constant material and technological research fimed at increasing environmental sustainability.

In 2009 Gruppo Sintesi obtained certification for the quality management system. In compliance with the UNI ISO 9001: 2008 certificaition, such standard ensures that all company processes improve effectiveness and efficiency of the organization as well as customer satisfaction. It also guarantees the control of the production processes themselves.

A few years later the company entered a deep crisis and its first course came to an end. Since 2017 a new story has begun: same values, new philosophy, new products.

In 2019 Sintesi brand is acquired by Sintesi Group LLC.