Sintesi sales network is constantly growing: in our homeland Italy, in Europe and overseas. We are willing to create a strong sales network that allows Sintesi satisfy the requests of its partners. We want to create long-lasting bonds that have as a cornerstone the respect of sales conditions and professional correctness.
US Distributor
Sintesi Group LLC
18 Bridge Street, Ste 2A Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA | Tel: +1 (786) 233-7656
Distributor for South America
ItStyleChile Spa
Avenida Alonso de Cordova 4212 of. 3-A,
Vitacura 7630504 Santiago - Cile
India Importer
ItStyle Home Solutions Pvt. Ltd
F-331-A, Khasra NO.189
110030 Lado Sarai, New Delhi
Distributor for Italy
Dway Group
via Feltrina Nuova, 5
31044 Montebelluna (Treviso) Italy | Tel: +39 0423 301930
Distributor for United Kingdom
Sintesi UK LTD
41 Devonshire Street, Ground Floor W1G 7AJ
London, United Kingdom